"So impressed that my 6 year old composed songs and knows who Mozart & Beethoven are"
Heather Seven, Parent

"I have fun learning about music with Auntie Barb", Sabrina age 6

Sabrina age 6 Music Enrichment Classes

"Mrs. Barbara really knows what kids need!  Her class is very hands-on and sensory.  It was perfect for my children.  Her methods of getting kids to understand music are creative and fun.  They learned theory, a little about writing their own tunes, some of the classics, and experimented with a few instruments.  My children have taken other music classes before and they really don't compare to her classes.  Plus the price is a steal... she really does it because she loves kids and love music."
Victoria Marr

Music Appreciation Class

My son took Music Appreciation Class with Miss Barbara and we both loved it so much. Miss Barbara is a consummate professional and she is so passionate about music. This is such a special and unique class. I don't think a class like this is offered anywhere else. The classes are packed with learning but she makes them so fun that the kids don't even realize how educational the classes are. Miss Barbara introduces different famous composers, they listen to their songs and learn to identify perhaps different sounds or instruments through out the music piece, they learn about music instruments from different parts of the world, kids play and compose their own little songs using music bells, sing and dance to songs together, and much more. We're so happy to have met Miss Barbara and feel so lucky to have been part of this special class. I can not say enough good things about Miss Barbara and this class. I highly recommend it!
Maria Drozd

READING TUTORING WITH Barbara Klaskin Silberg!



Barbara Klaskin Silberg
Reading specialist

I teach a very customized style of reading that has proven successful for my students over many years. I combine phonetics with sight words, oftentimes also mixing in music to conquer the reading challenge. Each child is different and therefore each lesson is designed to go on the path that will suit that particular child's needs. If one route doesn't work, I design another way around the difficulty that will hopefully do the trick.
I have been vendorized by the State of California to teach special needs children in my home and am proud to say that at least two of my former students are now very successful lawyers!

Music Appreciation Class

Here's a letter from the mother of one of Barbara's former students!

When Lisa was six years old she couldn't read. Her teacher said she was the best reader in the class however it turned out that she was sight reading and memorizing the books. She couldn't read a word she hadn't seen before. Not knowing what to do, I consulted a teacher friend of ours who suggested I contact Barbara as she had been helping a number of her students. So I arranged to have Lisa tutored by Barbara. I was in the midst of reading the Secret Garden to Lisa and after three tutoring sessions, Lisa took the book and finished it herself. Barbara had opened wide the world of reading to her and she has been an avid reader ever since.  Leora Garner
PS Lisa is now partner in a prestigious Los Angeles Law Firm!!


For more information about Music Enrichment or Reading classes, please contact Barbara Klaskin Silberg at:
mrsmusicent@aol.com or Rudy: rudy@inspireschools.org