• First musical to win Texas
    Non-profit Theatres' TNT POPS! Competition
  • Selected for The Best Scenes for Kids 7-15, published by Applause Theater & Cinema Books

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A girl who dreams of being a hero confronts a school administrator whose heroes are Captain Hook, Scrooge and the Grinch. He magically banishes all the holidays to a desert island, where the iconic characters representing the holidays meet each other for the first time. And then...


Mr. Potcher's Holiday tells the story of a girl who takes charge of her destiny and a curmudgeon who finds love in a most extraordinary way! And we learn why even the greatest academic achievers in history have loved the arts.


The rumors are flying about
the school's new consultant,
Mr. Potcher.

Mr. Potcher cancels all classes in the arts and all extracurricular activities. Darcy's classmates pressure her to change his mind.

But she not only fails to do that, she also accidentally gives him the idea to banish all the holidays.

The kids bemoan their fate with no arts, sports or holidays. And they blame Darcy!

Darcy develops a plan with the holiday characters.

Shot by Cupid's arrow, Mr. Potcher falls madly in love, which opens him to the beauty in life.

He restores all of the holidays, along with the arts and extracurricular activities.

Darcy is her classmates'
hero and the school's holiday show
goes on. 
Mr. Potcher's Holiday ©2009 and 2011 by Bob Silberg and Barbara Klaskin Silberg. All rights reserved.